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Tue, 24 Jan 2017

# Why I need a bigger monitor (monitors set) to improve quality of my code?

I am a big fan of mobility, I love working from different places (a home office, coffee shops, planes and other places). That's why my main device is my laptop (13" display size). I kind of dislike the idea of being attached to a single workplace. But I have recently faced a little inconvenience working with explicitly named functions in my code.

Look at my editor with some recent side project of mine:

Practicing proper naming which shows intents leads me to long names for functions and methods. And that gives me some unexpected outcomes - it is harder to work with them on a small screen of a laptop. 

# Environment that enables quality

I think a big monitor or a set of monitors will encourage me to use long explicit names in my code. As Jacque Fresco stated: "Environment shapes behavior". The big monitor will encourage me to keep long names which show my intentions in the code. 

I hope to have one of those dual-monitor sets this year and feel the difference. At the end of the day, the work must be as joyful as possible and why limit me with laptop's screen size?


P.s. I like to listen to that old man. You might like it as well:

# Update in march 2017

Well, I finally got my double-monitor setup and now enjoying 2x productivity. I chose Dell P2415Q monitor and it works just great with Macbook Pro, giving out 4K@60Hz.

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