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PHP/LEMP-stack/Go practitioner
Zend Certified Engineer
Clean Architecture advocate

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Sun, 1 Dec 2019

# On-Demand PHP Developer For Small Companies And Individual Intrepreuneurs

Contact: lezhnev.work@gmail.com

# The Offer

  • Post Payment. Pay when your new feature is live and running
  • Price Per Feature. Safely plan your budget ahead
  • Bugs Free Guarantee. In case of a bug in the code, I fix it for free

# My Services

  • Adding new features to your PHP website
  • Configuring your server and hosting
  • Adding integrations with 3rd-party services (Analytics, Payment Providers, Customer Support, Ads and more)

# Insights Into My Work

  • Why Me?
    I have been developing web applications in PHP for 15 years. At 2018, I certified by Zend to prove my skills. I have great experience working with people from different industries and countries all over the World (from Australia and Hong Kong to Belgium and Canada). In this profession, the learning is the key, so I keep my knowledge up to date. I am proud of my small home library.
  • What On-Demand means?
    From experience, a one-off work is rare. Usually, app development is a long process with short intense development phases and low activity maintainability periods. When you need to add a feature to your web app, you can count on me at any time of the year.
  • Why PHP?
    PHP proved to be the most popular language for web applications. It has dynamic types, which makes programming fast and flexible. Through decades a huge community gathered around it, great products and tools were developed. Nowadays, PHP is the de-facto standard for web development used by biggest projects including Wikipedia, Facebook and others.

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